Donetskyi nursery (farm) russian toy-terriers

                        "THE ROYAL CHOICE" (Ukraine)

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Украинская Баннерная Сеть

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Toy-terrier. The Nursery(Farm) russian(moscow) toy-terrier "Royal choice"(Doneck, Ukraine). Pedigree breeding, viscous(filmy), sale(selling) puppies



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    From the early age I wanted to have a dog. It was my cherished desire. Even I wrote the poems which are devoted their future friend.


...And I want a dog

for me a faithful puppy,

that we shall make friends

my friend and me.


                   And only later my dear husband helped me to realize my faithful dream.

                   Together with him we have visited many exhibitions which took place in our town, have associated with the owners of the dog of the different breeds, have read the different literature about dogs , we have had a hard choice - the choice not only of our nursling but the member of our family. Our attention was attracted by the dog of the decorative (little) breeds because of the tiny height, but the main thing is that we could allow for ourselves to keep such a kind of the dog in the one-room flat

                   Thanks for the efforts of the people which are fond of the dogs and simply the amateurs of the toy-terriers every year this breed is more improved; for the pedigree rearing to leave the best, exterrier and character of which do not excite the double in that, the best individuals will give the best posterity. It is very important not quantity and quality of the breed. That's why nowadays, there's a very strict attitude to those representatives of the breed which for some reason do not correspond to the standard of the breed of the Russian toy-terrier.

                     In one of the departments of THE UKRAINIAN KENNEL UNION (UKU) we nave acquired wonder, the little, tiny being, which became our new friend, the member of the family , and our pleasure. It is impossible to look at this little present of nature without a tender emotion - our famous Alefu-Norku.

                     Nora is a very clean and clever dog. The little height, always irreproachably needs care, has the smooth hair merry friendly disposition knack of the getting on together not only with adults, but with children - here are the main qualities, which are given to the dog-companion the Russian toy-terrier Aspiration to the improvement, beauty and grace makes us, the people surround ourselves by something special, little, refined. Never much be beauty.

                     Not for nothing the majority of the intellectuals of the bourgeois  Russia with trembling and love were nice to their nurslings the little toy-terriers.

P.S. We can write very much about these tiny and dear beings, which was told. I want to add only one thing, that in this little the body is hidden enormous loving heart.

The co-ordinates of the connection:

Country: UKRAINE

Region: Donetskiy region

Town: Donetsk

Master of the nursery: Chobotar.-Brezhneva Irina Ilinichna


Mobil telephone: +38 050 2308294 , +38 068 6606260 (Vitally)

                               +38 068 6606259 (Irina)

Town telephone: +38 062 3850069

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